My background is in music and as well as my work as an Alexander teacher, I teach the piano and 'cello.  I have a particular interest therefore in the application of the Alexander Technique by musicians and other creative artists and performers.

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"It gives you confidence to be who you are when you are up in front of an audience."
Patrick Maddams - MD, Royal Academy of Music
"The Alexander Technique has helped me to undo knots, unblock energy and deal with almost paralysing stage fright."
William Hurt, actor
"The Technique's many benefits for actors include minimized tension, centredness, vocal relaxation, responsiveness, mind/body connection and about an inch and a half of additional height"   Kevin Kline, actor
Many of the best performers display an economy of movement and seem entirely natural.  Alexander teaches us that this is not just the result of natural talent, but can be learned.  Bad habits built up over years of daily misuse can become exaggerated when you have to regularly perform a repetitive, difficult or delicate activity.  Alexander Technique teachers see a lot of actors, musicians, dancers and other performers with pain and discomfort in the back, neck, shoulder and other muscular-skeletal problems, breathlessness and vocal problems, as well as those just seeking to fulfil their creative potential.

Performers also use the Alexander Technique to improve stamina, increase clarity of perception, free up creativity and spontaneity and manage stage fright.
The Technique is used by all the major Drama, Music and Dance Schools.  Performers know that they have to be in good form and in a balanced state both physically and mentally to be able to work but often they do not have a tried and tested means of achieving this state - The Alexander Technique provides this.

Please contact me if you have further questions.  I would also be pleased to hear from you if you are looking for music tuition that fully integrates the Alexander Technique.

Teacher of the Alexander Technique
Clare Finzi

A tiny selection of performers who use the Alexander Technique!
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